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Through a friend I found Gaijinhouses. ^^

Gaijin houses

If you're staying for a longer period, say a month and longer, you might be able to drastically reduce your living costs by staying in a "gaijin house". These establishments cater specifically towards foreigners and offer at least minimally furnished and usually shared apartments at reasonable prices, and without the hefty deposits and commissions of apartments (often up to 6-8 months rent worth) paid before moving in. Nearly all are only in the Tokyo area, however. It will almost certainly be cheaper than staying in a hotel for a month. Gaijin houses can be anything from ugly cramped apartment complexes with new tenants every week, to nice family run businesses in private houses, so try to get a look at the place before you decide to move in. Two of the biggest letting agencies for gaijin houses in Tokyo are Sakura House and Oak House. For those coming to Japan for the first time they are also great for networking and getting to know a few locals. Most Gaijin Houses also have a lot of Japanese living there too. Guest houses can now be found all across Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Gaijin House Japan has articles on all of them.

I already had a look at some but most either dont have 4 or more rooms, no Internet or phone or yeah XD.

Roppongi May Flower House

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 Borderless -Tokyo - Friendly Tokyo apartment in Japan!

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Yadoya Housing
This one has shared rooms ranging from 4-8 people.
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These are only from Tokyo there are of course more ^^.
Credit to the respective sites.
Gaijinhouses wesite (Tokyo)
Gaijinhouses website
Yadoya Housing website Prices
Yadoya Housing website
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Tokyo metro and JR airport shuttle trains

Here's the complete Tokyo Metro map

This is just a small preview click on the image to see thoe whole thing.... upclose XD ^^ 

for more info like about Travel tickets U can go to the main Tokyo Metro Site here
and for JR  airport shuttels U can visit here
or just look under the cut
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If u want me to add Hokkaido Chubu airport I will ^^.